Sattva Business Group

THE success of a company, it is often said, does not rest merely on its fiscal strength but on its ability to understand, anticipate and appreciate the requirements of the people whom it serves and provide products and facilities that surpass expectations. In a world that is characterized by fast moving technology, preservation and promotion of business ethics and human values are not only desirable but also imperative.

Since its inception, SATTVA has relentlessly marched towards one goal: to be distinct and different and add a new meaning to the products and services that are offered to a vast array of companies and individuals and more important, keep their own demands satisfied.

It is in pursuit of excellence that the Group has carved a niche for itself, earning the respect of a growing list of clients for dependability and integrity.

With activities and representation that are diverse and versatile, the Group has, while evolving for itself an inimitable corporate image, served the varied and specific interests of corporate and individual entities and is hailed as one of the most significant contributions to the growth and development of the market.

The success of Sattva Business Group is in essence a reflection of the drive and diligence that was invested by the Chairman of the Group. With his own acumen, fueled by the ambition of heralding a new chapter in the service oriented industry, joined by many more professionals in their field of specialization by passage of time pronouncing the rigid policy of the company : that the Quality of service can never be compromised.

Sattva CFS Tariff